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GB-201001493-D0: Method, terminal and system for service accessing control patent, GB-201001742-D0: Proximity sensing inflatable human interface device patent, GB-201002771-D0: Water filter patent, GB-201002953-D0: Hip prosthesis patent, GB-201003048-D0: Holding device patent, GB-201003798-D0: Modular apparatus for extracting a heat exchanger bundle patent, GB-201003822-D0: Speckle reduction patent, GB-201003896-D0: Mobile phone device with function modification by user made assembling patent, GB-201004261-D0: Autofiller patent, GB-201005115-D0: Light-emitting device patent, GB-201005466-D0: Integrated touch sensitive display gate driver patent, GB-201005781-D0: Opinion driven classification patent, GB-201005870-D0: Method and apparatus fo determining volume fractions in a multiphase flow patent, GB-201005991-D0: Separation method patent, GB-201006188-D0: Oxidzed egg protiens and uses thereof patent, GB-201006496-D0: Screening method patent, GB-201006701-D0: Sucrose ester aftersun and insect bite cream patent, GB-201006906-D0: E-E rotary patent, GB-201007321-D0: Data dependent acquistion system for mass spectrometetry and methods of use patent, GB-201007640-D0: An architecture for security applications utilising removable memory devices patent, GB-201007844-D0: Haemostatic valve assembly patent, GB-201008487-D0: Expandable brassiere patent, GB-201008835-D0: Method and apparatus for distributing media over a communications network patent, GB-201009468-D0: Low profile pallet patent, GB-201009912-D0: Computer input switching device patent, GB-201011857-D0: DC power tool with a safety detection device patent, GB-201011942-D0: Improved method for flow control and autonomous valve or flow control device patent, GB-201012169-D0: Dialysis system with recirculating dialysis fluid patent, GB-201012750-D0: Electrical connection device patent, GB-201013252-D0: Tap with spigot patent, GB-201013463-D0: Electronic spray drive improvements patent, GB-201013885-D0: An apparatus and method for the layup of sheets to form a composite article and composite articles made thereby patent, GB-201014119-D0: All terrain personal transporter patent, GB-201014540-D0: Power oche patent, GB-201014811-D0: Tool patent, GB-201015393-D0: Lighting systems patent, GB-201015399-D0: Piezoelectric polymer element and production method and apparatus therefor patent, GB-201015724-D0: A method for the exchange on an imprecisely defined thematic topic patent, GB-201016029-D0: Circuit materials with improved bond, method of manufacture thereof, and articles formed therefrom patent, GB-201016153-D0: External coating for a solid electrolytic capacitor patent, GB-201016177-D0: Enclosure pressure regulation and bypass system method for hot-work habitats patent, GB-201016764-D0: Turning off a projector patent, GB-201017044-D0: Connector casing patent, GB-201017045-D0: Process and installation for the treatment of household waste and other similar waste patent, GB-201019453-D0: Improvements in thermal packs for therapeutic treatment patent, GB-201020020-D0: Method of forming an anti-fouling marker patent, GB-201020867-D0: Coupling plate for a vehicle patent, GB-201021360-D0: Apparatus and methods for ion mobility spectrometry patent, GB-201100918-D0: Improved drying method patent, GB-201101101-D0: Door hinge with integral finger protection patent, GB-201101139-D0: Fused aminodihydrothiazine derivatives patent, GB-201101259-D0: Improvements relating to vehicle recording systems patent, GB-201101659-D0: Systems for inducing change in a human physiological characteristic patent, GB-201101675-D0: i-mc patent, GB-201102889-D0: Spectacles holders patent, GB-201103354-D0: Replacement digit patent, GB-201103673-D0: Method of generating statistical opinion data patent, GB-201104391-D0: Variable micro-diffractive optics patent, GB-201104399-D0: Novel inhibitors patent, GB-201104428-D0: luggage patent, GB-201104829-D0: Biomaterial delivery system patent, GB-201105100-D0: A stress relief interlayer for functional coatings on micromechanical devices patent, GB-201105685-D0: The personal barber patent, GB-201106055-D0: Method and apparatus for use in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits patent, GB-201106383-D0: Golf club head with reinforced crown patent, GB-201107030-D0: Pipe scraping tool patent, GB-201107220-D0: A novel process for the manufacture of auxetic foams and for the conversion of auxetic foam to conventional form patent, GB-201107401-D0: Organic semiconductor compounds patent, GB-201107969-D0: Mixing and dispensing apparatus for building materials patent, GB-201108151-D0: A submersible energy-generating platform patent, GB-201108677-D0: Suspension system patent, GB-201109328-D0: Camera assembly for use in a subterranean well patent, GB-201109333-D0: Container patent, GB-201110184-D0: Anti-spill device patent, GB-201110673-D0: Acoustic Markers patent, GB-201110976-D0: Optical beam splitter and method for performing optical beam splitting patent, GB-201111930-D0: No title patent, GB-201113722-D0: Anti-slip step treatment patent, GB-201113857-D0: Safety device patent, GB-201114461-D0: Wireless communication patent, GB-201114785-D0: 2-Fluoro-1,3-benzodithiol 1,1,3,3-tetraoxide derivatives, process for the preparation of sam, and process for the preparation of monofluoromethyl-coating patent, GB-201114914-D0: Method and system for directing media streams during a conference call patent, GB-201115084-D0: Improvements in or relating to vehicle suspension systems patent, GB-201115181-D0: Domestic utility monitoring apparatus patent, GB-201115628-D0: Electrical socket patent, GB-201115711-D0: Phyto-cannabinoids for use in the treatment of cancer patent, GB-201116004-D0: Helmet docking station patent, GB-201116501-D0: Phased array features-6 patent, GB-201116798-D0: Build up saddle pad patent, GB-201116813-D0: Rotating machines patent, GB-201117699-D0: Monitoring apparatus and method patent, GB-201117834-D0: System for enabling contactless-only payment with vending machines patent, GB-201117945-D0: A specially in-situ calibrated atomic force microscope for usage in characterization and classification methods for functional biological and organic objects patent, GB-201118586-D0: New A-PRP medical device, manufacturing machine and process patent, GB-201119075-D0: Vertical axis wind turbine blade design, and magnetic levitation neodymium magnet bearings patent, GB-201119569-D0: Process for producing mangnesium oxide patent, GB-201120444-D0: Nursing garment patent, GB-201120657-D0: Signal amplification microspheres, their use in one-step and multi-step analytical amplification procedures and methods for their production patent, GB-201122141-D0: Golf putter patent, GB-201122217-D0: SMPTE (LTC) timecode data synchronisation and accurate display system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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